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IF Only

If only you could understand Neuro Brain Injury

If only you could take the time to understand it

If only you can see beyond my mask

If only you could acknowledge before you experience the same

If only you can be in my shoes & fight my fight

If only you are caring

If only you would be more loving

If only someone would understand it’s not easy

If only you would be willing to listen without judging

If only my smile is as genuine

If only my problems would disappear

If only we can rid the stigma attached

If only we can wake up and realise

If only we don’t turn a blind eye

If only we could pay more attention

If only we can be ready to seek help

If only you won’t be foolish and turn away

If only you could help me stop hiding

If only families would stay true and real

If only i can get the support from my families

If only my families remember what they almost lost

If only everyone would understand I’m not the same

If only i can make sense of my thoughts to you all

If only you know i can’t explain the way i use too

If only we strengthen our bond

If only i could break out of this bubble

If only we are ready to battle this together

If only we help each other

If only i can be me again

If only it just was just a dream

If only i can tackle this mental health

If only we realise mental health is not being insane

If only we read up on the symptoms

If only we are ready to change

If only we do help

If only we are true in our feelings

If only we let our real eyes realise this is all true

If only..

If only…

RP ©️

We wake up but do we truly wake up to reality

We spend the day in the fast lane

We spend the day ignoring the things around us

We live for others instead of ourselves

We laugh and cry but who really knows our reasons

We want to speak but yet we choke and stutter

We all need to look within ourselves and our families to acknowledge changes

We can collectively make differences

We can collectively help save lives

I want to help but am yet limited and face resistance

I want to raise awareness but I don’t want headlines

I want to raise awareness but have no support

I want to scream for attention but I face deaf ears

I want to cry but know no one will care

I want everyone’s attention but everyone’s pretending to be blind

I want but my want is not anyone else’s want

I want to show empathy and care but face judgement and abolishment

It’s not about me

It’s about us

It’s not about one

It’s about many

It’s not about I can’t

It’s about I can

It’s not about won’t help

It’s about will help

A little attention

A little care

A little help

A little of your time

A little empathy

A little love

It’s not going to hurt to us to pay attention to others, like it won’t hurt us to help one out of the many.

This issue is not sunshine but its thunder, this is issue isn’t smooth water running but it’s a cyclone.

We can see smiles but do we know if it’s real as behind smiles there’s always hidden stories.

We want to learn but yet we turn our faces like we say we will help but we just ignore.

Tears today broken heart tomorrow, cut today-bleeding to the death tomorrow.

Within families we all have issues that we choose to ignore and not fix.

Caring today will see changes and differences tomorrow.

Kindness is needed for everyone not hatred.

Silence will only kill the person.

Person is dead.

We judged!

Our fault?


Mental Health | Disabilities | Personality Disorders | Bullying | Drugs | Alcohol

They affect us all directly, indirectly or via someone close, do we choose to ignore it or do we pull together and help each other? National help is available but not everyone chooses to get the help available, cultures-religion-ego-stigmas stop minds from breaking chains

attached and getting better.

We are suffering, we are hiding, we are ignoring, we are asking, we are searching but we

are dying slowly…


RP ©️

Want it short and effective

Want it capturing and motivating

Want it to be heard and remembered

Want it to be heartbreaking but motivational

Want it to be on lips and inspire confidence

Want it to be a legacy with someones destiny

I’m a mess with the stress

I’m a wreck with the crack

I’m a case with the loss

Help me God

Help me find my voice

Help me find my way

Help me please

RP ©️

From Cradle to Grave

From Young to Old

From School to Work

From Playing to Paying

From House to Home

From Wedding to Children

From Children to Grandchildren

From Knowledge to Wisdom

From Tears to Joy

From Car to Casket

From Walking to Falling

From Sky to Soil

From This to That

From Here to There

From Everywhere to Nowhere

From Above to Down below 6ft

From Seeing to Blind

From Confidence to Fear

From Smiles to Cries

From Happiness to Sorrow

From Knowing to Not

From Question time to Destination time

Whats it Gonna be?

Wait and See…


RP ©️

Another storm but this is mine

The storm continues

The storm never stops

The storm gushes



Ice storm

Dust storm

I’m feeling them all

Cyclone of thoughts

Blizzards through me

Emotions flooded in me

Starts with the low emotional pressure building with higher emotions around me

I’ve got a storm cloud

Above me

Follows me

Lights on me

Rains on me

Changin Colours every second

I’m a hurricane and self destructin

I wanna be save but fear a human saviour

There’s only who can save me

It’s about bein patient

It’s about understandin

It’s about knowin I’m in his control

His test

His decisions

I’m okay with that

He’s my creator

He’s my sustainer

He’s my provider

He’s my judge

From him we come and to him we shall return

RP ©️


Breathe and the Calmness will come

Breathe and Tears will come to an end

Breathe and the Answers will come

Breathe and the Heart will beat it’s rhythm

Breathe and Stand


Just breathe

We all have choices and your choice is yours and don’t let anyone dishearten you

No need to thank as there’s nothing to prove as actions speak louder than words

Life is full of enjoyment and surprises but it’s also what WE make of it

Like the saying goes Live Life to its Full

Gratitude with appreciation is better than hating

Allah is with us all now later tmrw forever

Allah wants to hear our complaints to get nearer and to worship like never before

Our sorrows and grief Are from him and Go with his command

We struggle

We cry

We struggle

We seek

We struggle

We ask

We struggle our struggles different to struggles of others

Allah is here by our side

Allah has and always will be with us till our last breath


Breathe and Smile

Breathe and Enjoy the rhythm of your Hearts beats


Breathe and Enjoy your Lords gift

Just Breathe


RP ©️

Thoughts are Paintings

Paintings are Explanations

Explanations are Beauty

Beauty of Character

Beauty of Emotions

Emotions define Characters

Characters define Individuals

Individuals dont represent all People

People are different

You can make your picture

Be it different to others

That picture is yours

Your story

Your thoughts

RP ©️

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